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Czech Non-Banking Credit Bureau

Non-Bank Client Information Register

Contains data telling about the creditworthiness, trustworthiness and payment morality of persons and companies. The non-bank register collects data on clients of non-banking companies that are its members and ensures their processing.


The Register contains data on contractual relations between lending entities and their clients that determine creditworthiness, credibility and solvency, i.e. data on credit products (accepted and rejected), on the amount of credit and repayments or on whether the client’s obligations are duly and timely fulfilled. The operator of the Non-Bank Register is the interest association of persons CNCB – Czech Non-Banking Credit Bureau.

Information Memorandum

A comprehensive overview of the basic information on the common database of data shared between creditors. It also contains basic information on data sharing with the Client Information Bank Register.


Informed decisions

We enable our members to make informed decisions.


We keep information, look after it and make sure it is useful.



We ensure strict security when processing information.


We follow trends and adapt to changing needs.

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The Credit Market Barometr

The Credit Market Barometr is an overview of all loans – short-term and long-term included in the Bank and Non-Bank Register. It deals with the issue of debt in individual regions of the Czech Republic and compares the current data with the same period of the previous year. On the basis of these data, the development of the debt of the population in the Czech Republic can be well monitored.

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Register users

The following companies share data about their clients through the Non-Bank Register: