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Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants for the Credit report

How does the Register benefit me?

If you are a good client who pays your debts properly and on time, then the financial institution will recognise this fact from your Credit report and will view you as a known and reliable client. This will be reflected in their offers and requirements and you may even get better terms than an unknown (no credit history) or unreliable client.

Who looks at the data in the Register?

The right to request information from the Non-bank Register is only granted to financial institutions that have signed a contract with the operator of the register, the CNCB. At the same time, this financial institution must comply with a number of contractual obligations, which are checked regularly. The main users of the Non-bank Register are currently mainly leasing and instalment companies, but banks also have access to it as part of the data exchange between CIBR (www.cbcb.cz) and NBCIR.

How long is the data kept in the Register and how often is it updated?

The information contained in the registers is updated monthly and is kept for the duration of the contractual relationship with the financial institution (the duration of the loan contract) and for a further four years after its termination. If the contract with the client is not ultimately concluded, the information on such an application is kept in the Non-bank Register for six months.

Can the data be deleted from the Register?

If you find that any of the information in the register is incorrect or inaccurate, you can request a correction from the CRIF Client Center, which will correct the incorrect information after consulting the financial institution. It is not possible to delete data from the registers for no reason, the Non-bank register collects the data and creates a summary of the debtors’ liabilities from it without interfering with or modifying the data without documenting legitimate objections.

If I make a late payment, will I see it on the Register?

Users of the register update their databases once a month. A late payment will show up in the Register when the data is updated monthly.

What is the purpose of the Credit report and why is it a good idea to monitor my credit history regularly?

Financial institutions use the registry statement to assess the creditworthiness and credibility of their clients who apply for a new loan. Regularly checking your Credit report (at least once a year) will give you an overview of your commitments and their fulfilment. It is advisable to request a statement from the Register before applying for a loan so that you know how the financial institution will view you.

Members of the Register

Who can become a member of the Register?

The CNCB operates the Non-Bank Client Information Registry, which processes data on financing provided by non-bank providers of consumer and other credit. Legal entities that are direct lenders can join the register and can thus share data on loans granted and obtain credit reports of applicants for financing on a full reciprocal basis.

Intermediaries, operators of P2P platforms, etc. who are not direct lenders cannot directly access the register. On the other hand, companies from other segments, e.g. telecommunications companies, energy companies, etc., can also enter the register.

What are the conditions for joining the Register?

Legal aspects: companies joining the NBCIR must comply with the rules for processing personal data under the GDPR. Technical aspect: companies joining the NBCIR must demonstrate technical readiness to share data with the Register.

How long does it take to join the Register?

The connection time is very individual, typically around 2-4 months depending on the technical readiness of the company to share data.

How much does it cost to join the Register?

Each company participating in the Register pays a unit price for the credit reports obtained. No other fees are charged.

What companies are in the Non-Bank Client Information Register?
The current list of companies using the NBCIR is listed here.


Do you need the Credit report?

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