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Notification of NLTS Global Analytics activities

21. March 2021

Dear Clients,

We consider it important to inform you that the Client Information Bank Register (CIBR), the Non-Bank Client Information Register (NBCIR) and the SOLUS Association strongly dissociate themselves from the activities of NLTS Global Analytics s.r.o. and the website https://kontrolaosobnichdat.cz/ operated by them and do not cooperate with this company in any way. NLTS Global Analytics s.r.o. collects through its website the personal data of clients interested in obtaining a free copy of their personal data from the CIBR, NBCIR and SOLUS registers on the basis of the GDPR and forwards their requests to the CIBR, NBCIR and SOLUS registers. All this under non-transparent conditions for the processing and handling of personal data and in some cases even with the application of a fee for the provision of services. Unfortunately, most of the applications received in this way do not even contain sufficient personal data leading to the unambiguous identification of the client in the aforementioned databases, which makes their processing impossible. In our attempts to communicate with representatives of NLTS Global Analytics, we received responses only from the German entity in English and attempts to contact the Czech registered entity were unsuccessful. The CIBR, NBCIR and SOLUS registries have always complied with all of their obligations under the GDPR and provide free copies of the personal data processed under the GDPR to applicants directly. For more information, please see:


It is therefore not necessary, nor is it safe for you in the context of data protection, to contact the CIBR, NBCIR and SOLUS credit registers using the services of any intermediary if you can obtain this information directly from the operators of each of these registers at the links above.

Prague, 12 March 2021